Stay well - Donia Gassi

Stay well - Donia Gassi

Our Story

I have been in the natural health industry for over 12 years.  When I first entered the field I didn't give much thought to the products that we put on or into our bodies.  That all changed when I became pregnant with my daughter Marley.

While I was pregnant, I started to research the ingredients of the body products that I was using.  I was shocked.  It was in that moment that I decided to change what I was using, and essentially, what I was absorbing into mine and my babies bodies. 

That's when I got scientific and I decided to use my past knowledge and my new research information to formulate this line.  I use minimal ingredients, giving you only what is truly needed for the product to work. 

Our Mission

I promise to provide a line of products that are clean and safe for every member of your family.  We use only the best sourced ingredients - Certified Organic, non-GMO verified, fair trade, and chemical free.  All personally trusted and used by my family.  Our products will never contain anything but the purest ingredients.


Marley Sophia has been a great addition to Vital Choice Health Store’s Bath & Personal Care selection. Finding clean but effective personal care products can be a challenge. Marley Sophia makes it easy!
— Michael Ventresca, President & CEO, Vital Choice Health Store
As a Naturopath, I’m always looking for natural products that actually work! Marley Sophia products are definitely ones I can vouch for! My clients have loved the bath bombs, scrubs and lip balms! The most popular product for us is the deodorant!! Not only does it smell great, it keeps you dry and fresh all day. I’ve never been able to say that about any other natural deodorant on the market. Thanks for such amazing products!!
— Kimberly Cassidy, N.D., CNHP
I LOVE the deodorant! My husband stared using mine to where I have to get him his own. I’m not worried about toxic deodorant fumes while my son nurses, and my daughter’s love the bath bombs!. There is comfort knowing we all use non toxic products. I strongly recommend Marley Sophia products.
— Corinne Pinuelas, Mom of 3